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Know about testosterone

Testosterone in the blood directly affects the general condition of a man, his sexual function, and his vitality. There are many reasons for low hormone levels. Safest testosterone booster are many in offline and online stores. Its deficiency may occur due to:

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  • Age changes: The older the man, the less the amount of sex hormone produced in the body, which causes the natural extinction of sexual function. By the age of 60, testosterone levels are reduced by 50%;
  • Bad habits;
  • Irrational nutrition;
  • Infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Taking drugs-glucocorticosteroids, which reduce the sensitivity of tissues to testosterone;
  • Sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity;
  • Adrenal insufficiency;
  • Wearing tight underwear that compresses the vessels of the genital organs;
  • Unfavourable environmental conditions;
  • obesity;
  • Constant stress;
  • The presence of chronic diseases of internal organs.

Normally, the level of total testosterone for men aged 20-50 is 11-33 nmol / l, and for men aged 50 years and older – at least 11. The level of free testosterone for the first category ranges from 8.8-42.5 nmol / l l, and for the second – from 6.5 to 30.

Typical manifestations of testosterone deficiency are decreased potency, sleep disturbances, memory problems, muscle and bone pain, weight gain, frequent dizziness, hot flashes, and an increase in the size of the mammary glands.

To increase testosterone, you should normalize your lifestyle: properly organize your diet, play sports, and sleep at least 8 hours a day. To compensate for the deficiency of the male sex hormone, experts recommend taking certain medications. Their dosage should be determined by the doctor.

Various traditional medicines also allow you to increase the production of testosterone. Before using decoctions and infusions from medicinal plants, you must make sure that you are not allergic to their active ingredients.