Selling used cars to dealers : what is the procedure
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Selling used cars to dealers : what is the procedure

If you opt for the sale of used cars to dealers you can choose between three main options:

The sale for demolition : this decision is usually dictated by the need to buy a new car. In fact, changing cars can be a convenient choice, especially in the periods in which you can take advantage of state bonuses and incentives used cars in montclair .

The sale by exchange . In this case, you sell your car to the dealer and, at the same time, buy a new one. A perfect solution for those who want to save money , since thanks to the estimated economic value for the old car it is possible to “lighten” the cost for the new vehicle.

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The sic et simpliciter sale . It is not certain that turning to a dealership to sell your car must always presuppose an ulterior motive, such as demolition or exchange: it may also be that you simply want to get rid of the old vehicle. At this juncture it is necessary to carry out a mini -cultivation , that is a simplified procedure for the transfer of ownership which, however, does not require the payment of the IPT tax. The mini-farming becomes effective when the registration in the PRA takes place(Public Automobile Registry): from here on, the car dealership is the owner of the car and can therefore dispose of it at will and, consequently, also resell it. When mini-farming is carried out, the dealer generally makes the payment as soon as confirmation of the actual transfer of ownership of the vehicle arrives.

Then there is a fourth option, which however it is appropriate to put in brackets, which is the sales account . In this case, in fact, a real change of ownership does not take place but the sale of one’s car is entrusted to the dealership , which then concludes the deal in place of the seller himself.

Sale of used car dealers : conclusions

In light of what we have seen, it is clear that the sale of used cars to dealers represents a convenient choice from several points of view , including safety first . To do business in the car market between individuals you need to be very experienced.